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Now It Can Be Told

The contracts are signed and mailed back to Daw - mine and many others. We'll all have stories in Daw's new anthology next spring - AFTER HOURS: TALES FROM THE UR-BAR, thanks to editors (and contributors) Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray. There are several other contributors, but I don't know the full list yet and don't know who I can mention.  So I'll only mention myself (and  Josh and Patricia ([info]jpsorrow  and [info]pbray ).

The idea of the anthology is simple.  Gilgamesh has managed to get himself attached to a bar for eternity.  Each story will feature the appearance of the bar at some place (and time) in Earth's history (and future).  My own story is titled Why The Vikings Had No Bars and features the All-Father, shapeshifting (of course), and too much aquavit.

Everyone else's stories will of course be much more interesting.

Check it out through the link!  (No cover art yet.)